Hello, welcome to our blog!

We are Innovative Realtors Network (IRN), a Real Estate brokerage firm based in Lagos, Nigeria.

We have been in business since March 1st, 2020 though IRN directors have each been involved in real estate for many years before coming together and founded Innovative Realtors Network.

IRN was formed to achieve three objectives.

First, to partner with reputable property developers who were known to have been tested and trusted within the Nigerian real estate industry.

Secondly, to match buyers with developers of land and housing units and make the experience comfortable and as stress-free as possible.

Thirdly, to empower individuals and provide them with the requisite knowledge and opportunity to sell real estate and earn a good income, while enjoying a high standard of living.

We are proud of our ability to interface between our partners and our clients, and guiding them through the sales experience, and ensuring a satisfactory outcome for both parties.

We welcome feedback from our partners and clients and encourage you to sign up for our newsletter.

We hope that you will follow us on this blog as we journey on to bring you tips and information that will help you gain the insight you will need to navigate through the Nigerian real estate world.