What is it to reinvent one’s self?

Reinvention usually begins with the person that wants to change. Reinvention is the action or process of transformation from the old ways of doing things to more innovative ways of doing things. So many businesses in the world got into liquidation because of their inability to reinvent themselves. Same with the real estate business; many realtors get discouraged or run away from the business due to they are either unaware of the fact that they are stuck in their comfort zone or simply have refused to reinvent themselves.

Reinvention has to do with change, but this time around, drastic change such that everything becomes new. When you find out that things are not going the way you like, what do you do? Change them!

When you are in the company of friends who are not contributing positively to your life or you become aware that they are toxic, it’s only in your best interest to drop them and make new friends. If you refuse to change them, they’ll continue to impact you negatively and either draw you back or keep you in one spot.

The greatest level of insanity is for one to keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. There is no way that you can achieve a different result by repeating the same old habits.

The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, explained further the phrase ‘you reap what you sow‘  to mean that if you do bad things, bad things will happen to you, and if you do good, good things will happen to you. I dare to say if you refuse to follow due process in everything you do, you may end up failing.

What seed are you sowing into your real estate business since the beginning of this year? If you sow a seed of laziness, you’ll reap laziness abundantly; if you sow procrastination, your time would be massively stolen from you, because it has always been said over and over that “Procrastination is a thief of time”. Would you like your time to be stolen from you?  If you sow hard work and determination, you’ll reap success all the way.

As a real estate products promoter and salesperson, what are you doing daily to ensure that you work your way to becoming a top real estate salesperson? Are you just concentrating on marketing the products or are you educating your prospects about the benefits of the products as well? Are you even recruiting top-performing consultants to join your network or are you busy doing it on your own?

Are you comfortable with the position you are in now? If you are, be advised that it is time you leave that comfort zone and get into a more challenging one. Nothing is more dangerous and destructive than comfort. Try moving into another zone and experience what it is like being in that place.

Change is the only constant thing, at the same time change is difficult, but most times when change occurs, newer and greater things happen. The chameleon changes color to match the earth, the earth doesn’t change color to match the chameleon. ~ Senegalese Proverbs

For you to be accepted by your clients and every other person in society or in your vicinity, you need to become part of them and respect their values in order to succeed

Talking about change, one of the legends of our time, the late author, pastor, and motivational speaker Dr. Myles Munroe once said that change is good. In his word; change produces two things; insecurity and the unknown and they are good for the growth and development of the person who embraces change. He stated further that people keep destroying themselves because they treat change as an enemy. He concluded that the enemies of change are comfort and security. When you are in your comfort zone, you tend to believe that everything about your comfort and security is guaranteed. It is not so.

Begin today to do things differently. Create innovative ways of reaching out to clients and investors; sponsor ads, make those calls, and post those videos and fliers which are sent to you on the WhatsApp platform of Innovative Realtors. Put them up on your social media status, post them on other platforms, and continue to follow up. Someday, just one day, you will smile to the bank. 

Friends, perhaps it’s time to Reinvent Yourselves!

Composed by Elias Donyen – Innovative Realtors Network.