Real estate consultants are typically trained and well-positioned to assist clients in their buying or selling decisions. They exist to make life easy for their clients who know little or nothing about the value of the properties they are willing to buy or put into the market for sale. They are also there to defend the interest of their clients for fair deals in every transaction that might take place.

The first thing real estate Consultants should do is look within and discover the skill sets they possess that can assist them to add value to clients and especially on a transaction they are working on presently or any other one that might take place in the future. Secondly, they should ask themselves if their negotiation skills are perfect and strong enough to place them in the position of negotiating prices during transactions to the advantage of their clients.

Thirdly,  adding value to buyers or sellers of real estate is to also ensure that they are professionally endowed in their careers as real estate consultants so that when questions are asked with respect to the real estate products they are marketing, they would give answers in a jiffy. They should look at their communication skills and ensure that they are able to relate, process, and give adequate information to their clients when the need to do so arises.

In addition, they should be able to know the nooks and crannies of their environment and be flexible enough to let people in their neighborhood know that they are into the business of real estate marketing. Doing these puts them in a position of advantage whereby if any member of the community has the need to buy or sell their properties, they should be the first point of contact because they’ve made themselves known and accessible. 

Real estate consultants who add value to buyers or sellers of real estate must also have the capacity and the capability to motivate buyers and sellers to the extent of making them see the real reason why they should invest in a particular property or sell it. They should be able to build a wall of trust around their clients to the extent that those clients would see no other real estate consultant to work with.

Another way to go about adding value to buyers or sellers of real estate is to prepare a presentation and keep practicing it until it is mastered. They can invite their colleagues to any convenient place and keep practicing the presentation and critique it, until they get it right, then go ahead and present it to a targeted potential client.t. They must be knowledgeable about the current market position to be able to avoid an overshoot of prices during the presentation, this is because most of the potential clients also do their research and are aware of market position. The presentation and smart answers to questions that may be asked, after the presentation should be able to convince a client to take a decision immediately.

They should also do research not only about local real estate markets but also the global position of the market and be able to do a comparative analysis of the economies of the local and global markets and present facts and figures to their clients.

Clients appreciate real estate consultants that are smart and intelligent. Such consultants do not only carry out transactions with a single client and go away but referrals are bound to follow from that client that adjudges the consultant’s level of smartness and intelligence.

A single client who believes in your judgment, advice, and professionalism is capable of settling you for life as a result of other clients that they would refer to you.

In conclusion, real estate consultants must be able to stay on top of their games, doing the right things at the right time with the right clients, without which success might be difficult to come.

Success is not magic – you must work hard for it.

contributed by ©Elias Dongyen